Coastal Carolina Fair

There are thousands of adjectives used to describe fairs across the country. When I think of the fair I immediately think of, body odor, and fried sugar. Never the less there is something so gripping about the fair, something that makes you want to go every year. It may be the food, the rides, the people watching or just simply pure nostalgia. When I was a kid growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, where there isn’t much to do for someone under 21, the fair was something we looked forward to every year, and in Wisconsin it was always the event that rounded out the summer. One Summer my brother and I even traveled the state with my Uncle and his band as they played from fair to fair. I guess you could say I have a lot of fond memories at the fair, and who doesn’t? I mean unless you were part of a ride malfunction or a creepy carnie situation. Now a days as an adult with no kids currently, I don’t tend to make the fair a priority, the wife and I have gone a couple of times, usually purely for people watching and so I can get some photographs. I think besides the nostalgia I get from the fair one thing I love most about it is the simplicity and old school “ no care in the world” feeling it puts off. Everyone is just walking around with turkey legs and elephant ears, looking to get scammed on the next game, or maybe even win their significant other a prize. The fair is something almost as American as baseball, and its definitely something I hope my kids will enjoy as much as I did and still do, and even though I am no longer in Wisconsin I know that once a year, if I want, I can get Cheescurds! Here are some photos I took at the fair, which is so visually stimulating, for obvious reasons. All of these photos were taken on my Fujifilm x100F.



That moon though! 


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Who knows if they’re actually from Wisconsin?